Mirror Images Resources

These books were written by individuals who had experienced the Mirror Images and realized their stories may be significant for others.

Many Waters Cannot Quench Love by Josie Jones

Josie Jones shares her journey of adopting their interracial family, and the joys and challenges their family has survived. Josie is transparent and vulnerable; readily acknowledging that God's grace is the glue that has held them together. This is a story of three generations of the family, told from the mom's point of view. Available for purchase through Amazon.com or online publisher LuLu.com.

Cry of the Outcast, Josiah's Story by Wendy Reaume

An incredible true story about a tiny premature African baby boy who was abandoned and left to die….but because of love, survives and thrives with his forever family. With insurmountable difficulty, his new family struggles with the realities of life in Africa as they try to secure his future as a son and brother. The reader will gain deep insight into the challenges of Africa and a practical vision of how each one of us can make a difference. Available for purchase through Amazon.com or p2c.com.

Holy Ouch! God's Purpose for Pain by Nathan B. Werner

In this book Nathan Werner explores the concept of a good God allowing pain and suffering in our personal lives and the public domain. He proposes that two apparent contradictions, the presence of pain and the goodness of God, are not incompatible. Through a philosophical look at scripture and philosophy Nathan shows that in fact a loving God will use pain to our benefit. God is good. He is omnipotent. He is caring about our condition and He uses trying circumstances to make us stronger. How God does this is the challenge Nathan addresses and plumbs new depths of understanding as to the purpose of pain. Find his book at Amazon.com.

Finding Hope: A Story of Neglect and Abuse with a Challenge for Caregivers by Sonja Kvale

A true story of severe childhood neglect and mistreatment followed by a challenge to the abused of our world to seek the truth about their experiences as a road to hope and recovery. There is also a challenge to those who want to help others in their recovery, a challenge of commitment and truth. Available through online publisher Lulu.com or on Amazon.com.